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At APACHE, our desire is to build community among homeschooling families and provide resources that equip, support and encourage them in their efforts. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your homeshooling journey.

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APACHE Homeschool Convention - 20/20 Vision

APACHE Homeschool Convention
March 27 & 28, 2020

ONE DAY ONLY (Wednesday, March 25, 2020)

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As promised, the APACHE board and committee have been working hard to figure out how to deliver a 2020 Convention in the midst of the current difficulties we are all facing. We have decided to offer an online convention and are currently organizing workshops and vendor info. We realize there may be questions that we have not thought of, but here is our attempt to answer the questions you may have.

The convention will take place online in a closed Facebook group that will only be available to those who have registered for convention. Convention dates will remain the same as previously scheduled, however the workshops will be available on the group for a limited length of time after convention is “over.” The length of time is yet to be determined, but we are thinking of continuing access to the convention workshops for at least a month. This will allow for you the benefit of all the information from all the workshops rather than having to choose only a few. We have also decided to offer MP3s to all attendees for FREE once access has ended. Anyone who is not already registered will have the opportunity to purchase the MP3s.

The workshops available through this convention will be in one of three forms. Some will be videos of the speakers giving their presentation, some will be audio presentations accompanied by PowerPoint, and some will be videos produced by the speakers themselves. Our desire is to provide a way for you to have access to all the workshops so that you get the most value for your registration cost. All these workshops are property of the speakers and we have purchased limited access to these workshops with your base registration cost. All other registration fees for food, kids, and extra cost classes will be refunded as soon as possible. We do understand that some families may be experiencing financial hardships during this time. If you should decide you are not able or do not wish to participate in the online convention, you may contact us for a full refund by Thursday, March 26th. If you can participate, we greatly appreciate your financial support because APACHE is a non-profit organization and there are many costs we will still need to cover.

Here are a few other quick notes:

  • There will be some interaction available with the speakers. You should be able to communicate with them in one of two ways; either by commenting below the video or through an email address that will be posted. Many of the speakers are looking forward to interacting with you and helping you with your homeschooling questions.

  • There will be live give-aways during the two scheduled conference days. The winners will be announced through a live video post and then contacted via email to arrange how to get your prize.

  • There will also be moderators tending to the group during these two days to monitor the discussions and assist with any issues that may arise. Please be kind and considerate to others.

  • There will be a posted schedule before the convention begins. We encourage you to save this to your desktop or print it out so that you can view it while attending workshops. Some workshops may also have a PDF file to assist you in taking notes or just follow along.

We, the APACHE board and committee, look forward to serving you during this convention and at other future events. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or our Facebook page.

Live Update with Apache Board President

Posted by APACHE on Saturday, March 21, 2020

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